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Whether you’re looking to rethink your marketing strategy, reconcieve your website, or build brand loyalty through a print or digital publication, Indelible Media is your content partner. We take a digitally native approach to content and story-telling that fosters engagement, trust, and loyalty in audiences. We shepherd you through the process, develop a strategy tailored to your vision, ensure you understand your options, and deliver on-time and on-message content that will make a real difference in the perception of your brand.

real woman

After opening its Women’s Health Center in 2012, Capital Health wanted to launch a women’s magazine to bring women into the fold. We created Real Woman, a lifestyle brand featuring a magazine and website that focused on women between 27-55 years old, covering health, nutrition, fitness, parenting, and social issues that matter to women. In addition to cultivating an award-winning brand, we created engagement, including more than 100,000 unique visitors a year and nearly 1,000 Facebook and Twitter followers. In its first year of publication, Real Woman won an Aster Award for Excellence in Medical Marketing and the Pearl Award for Best new Magazine from the Content Council. 

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